Saturday, October 3, 2009

Director of Forensic Audit Jobs Sample Resume Cover Letter

Director of Forensic Audit Job Application Letter Sample of Interest

Nicolas Burdisso
2718 Giallorossi Ave
Santa Ana, CA 43201

October 3rd, 2009

Marco Andreolli
Vice President of Forensic Audit Dept
First American Corporation
3829 Romanisti Street
Santa Ana, CA 43201

Dear Mr. Andreolli

I was excited to read about Director of Forensic Audit job opening at First American Corporation.

I have a BS degree in accounting with Certified Forensic Accountant (Cr.FA) certifications. I have 10+ years of related experience, including experience in developing and implementing fraud prevention and detection programs in a large, financial services organization with the tasks, duties and responsibilities focusing on:

• Builds, recruits, develops, and leads a fraud response team through the critical elements of crisis response, damage quantification, litigation support, asset recoupment, and fraud detection and prevention;
• Directs and manages a global portfolio of forensic investigations from a scheduled internal audit, through the detection of a fraud, to forensic support for successful criminal and civil prosecution as well as fidelity bond claims;
• Using primarily internal resources, works in close alignment with our management team in corporate and division agency operations, finance and accounting, information security, human resources, general counsel, in claims counsel, external counsel, law enforcement, and external forensic accounting / computer specialists, as needed;
• Ensures sufficient communications across agency management, senior management and audit committee to provide leadership and relevant facts to support decision-making processes related to fraud prevention and detection;
• Facilitates and leads the company’s fraud risk assessment initiatives and aggressively identifies opportunities to enhance the rigor of FAC’s anti-fraud and whistleblower programs;
• Continuously improves data analytics that highlight potential fraud exposure.

In addition to my extensive experience, I have Strong management background in finance/accounting/audit, including experience leading complex investigations (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act [FCPA], embezzlement, accounting fraud); Management experience directing subordinates engaged in investigative and forensic accounting activities relevant to this position; Possess investigative and forensic experience, as well as fraud scheme knowledge, preferably mortgage fraud schemes; Manages multiple tasks, projects, and competing priorities simultaneously; Strong interviewing skills and ability to ask probing series of questions; Have a backbone, sense of urgency, and understand critical issues and the criminal mind set; Works well in a hostile and uncomfortable environment; is able to stay calm and objective, removes emotion from the equation; Ability to effectively close out an investigation promptly and expeditiously; A mind-set of continuous process improvement is required to evolve the forensic process and leverage effective tools and analytics. My broad background makes me an excellent candidate for Director of Forensic Audit position.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you to arrange an interview.


Your Signature

Nicolas Burdisso


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